• ICRAI 2016

    November 1~2, 2016


    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • ICRAI 2016

    November 1~2, 2016


    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • ICRAI 2016

    November 1~2, 2016


    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • ICRAI 2016

    November 1~2, 2016


    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • ICRAI 2016

    November 1~2, 2016


    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

ICRAI 2016 Accepted Papers

Shaharyar Ahmed Khan Tareen and Hayat Muhammad Khan.

Novel Slope Detection and Calculation Techniques for Mobile Robots

Hafiz Muhammad Wahaj Aziz and Dr. Jamshed Iqbal.

Flexible Joint Robotic Manipulator: Modeling and Design of Robust Control Law

Adnan Jafar, Syed Fasih Ur Rehman, Syed Fazal Ur Rehman and Nisar Ahmed.

A Robust H infinity Control for Unmanned Aerial vehicle against Atmospheric Turbulence

Anjum Naeem Malik, Javaid Iqbal and Mohsin Islam Tiwana.

EEG signals classification & determination of optimal feature-classifier combination for predicting the movement intent of lower limb

Husnain Ahmad, Saad Bin Arif, Zain Murtaza and Usman Ayub Sheikh.

Towards Automated Car Repair Bays: Geometric Solution for Kinematics of a Two-Post Car Lift System

Muhammad Asadullah and Ahsan Raza.

An Overview of Home Automation Systems

Saira Memon Memon, Feeza Khan Khan and Sana Hoor Jokhio.

Comparative Analysis Of Wireless Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols Using Swarm Intelligence Based Model

Syed Ali Ajwad, Raza Ul Islam, Muhammad Rizwan Azam, Muhammad Imran Ullah and Dr. Jamshed Iqbal.

Sliding Mode Control of Rigid-link Anthropomorphic Robotic Arm

Janzaib Masood, Zulkafil Abbas, Abdul Samad and Latif Khan.

Evolution of Locomotion Controllers for Snake Robots

Farzan Majeed Noori, Nauman Khalid Qureshi, Rayyan Azam Khan and Noman Naseer.

Feature Selection Based on Modified Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Signals for BCI

Nauman Khalid Qureshi, Farzan Majeed Noori, Ahmad Abdullah and Noman Naseer.

Comparison of classification performance for fNIRS-BCI system

Feeza Khan Khanzada, Saira Memon Memon and Sana Hoor Jokhio.

Support Vector Machine based Energy Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Masood Ul Hassan, Mukhtar Ullah and Jamshed Iqbal.

Towards Autonomy in Agriculture: Design and Prototyping of a Robotic Vehicle with Seed Selector

Sarmad Shams and Ismail Lazoglu.

A Monolithic Opto-Coupler Based Sensor for Contact Force Detection in Artificial Hand

Muhammad Irfan Malik, Junaid Majeed, Muhammad Taimoor Khan and Shehzad Khalid.

Self-refining Targeted Readings Recommender System

Jianqiang Yu, Xiaomin Dong, Pinggen Chen and Allah Rakhio.

Optimal design methology of magneto-rheological (MR) rotary brake for robotic ankle systems considering temperature effects

Muhammad Ramzan Mehdi and A Mahmood.

Robust Control of Full Bridge DC-DC Converter

Asad Ali, Saif-Ul Majeed, Zaroon Shakeel and Zohaib Aftab.

Design of a Powered Lower-body Exoskeleton for walking assistance

Usman Ahmad, Ya-Jun Pan and Anees Ul Husnain.

Switching Time Domain Passivity Control for Multilateral Teleoperation Systems

Kamran Zeb, Komal Saleem, C. A. Mehmood, B. Kahan, S. M. Ali, W. U. Din, M. A. Javed, Aun Haider and Victor Sreeram.

Performance of Adaptive PI based on Fuzzy Logic for Indirect Vector Control Induction Motor Drive

Mahvish Nasir and Naveed Rao.

Camera Calibration Using Human Face as a 2D Planar Object

Faisal Ghazanfar and Najmee G Haider.

Memory efficient Sign Language Recognition System based on WiSARD weightless Neural Network technique

Umar Farooq, M Usman Asad and Ghulam Abbas.

Fuzzy Bilateral Control of Time Delayed Nonlinear Tele-robotic System in Unknown Environments through State Convergence

Javaid Afzal, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Muhamamd Waseem Ashraf and Ghulam Sarwar.

Simulation of Fuzzy Based Flow Controller in Ascending Sinusoidal Microchannels

Nimra Tariq, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Muhammad Waseem Ashraf and Muhamamd Faisal Wasim.

Comparative Simulation of Silicon, PDMS, PGA and PMMA Actuator for Piezoelectric Micropump

Midhat Noor Kiyani and Muhammad Uzair Masood Khan.

A Prototype of Search and Rescue Robot

Muhammad Zohaib, Syed Mustafa Pasha, Zeeshan Hassan and Jamshed Iqbal.

A Centralized Architecture for Inventory Management Using RFID

Hamra Afzaal and Nazir Zafar.

Robot-based Forest Fire Detection and Extinguishing Model

Tayyab Shahid, Umer Izhar, Talha Shahid, Taha Janjua and Abid Ali.

Optimization of SCR for Sensitivity Enhancement of Cantilever based Piezoresistive Sensor

Qudsia Memon, Muzamil Ahmed Memon, Shahzeb Ali Memon, Azam Rafique Memon and Wajiha Shah.

Self-Driving and Driver Relaxing Vehicle

Hayat Muhammad Khan, Yang Jianhua and Shaharyar Ahmed Khan Tareen.

Locomotion Patterns of a Vermicular Robot

Mudassir Ibrahim Awan, Kashan Aqeel, Muhammad Noman Ashraf, Muhammad Nabeel and Muhammad Khurram.

Vibrotactile Feedback System for 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

Moyang Zou, Yajun Pan, Shane Forbrigger and Usman Ahmad.

Adaptive Robust Control for Bilateral Teleoperated Robotic Manipulators with Arbitrary Time Delays

Asma Larik and Sajjad Haider.

On Using Evolutionary Computation Approach for Strategy Optimization in Robot Soccer

Mohsin Manzoor and F. Kunwar.

Learn Pedestrian Navigation from Expert

Zain Murtaza, Mohsin Ali Khan, Husnain Ahmed, Usman Ayub Sheikh and Ghulam Shabbir.

Cost-based Hierarchical Energy Efficient Routing Scheme for WSNs

Abubakar Abubakar, Neelam Nasir, Mukhtar Ullah, Jamshed Iqbal and Zeashan Khan.

Design of a Laser Trackerusing 2-DOF Stepper Controlled Platform

Husnain Ahmad, Syed Mohsin Ali, Zain Murtaza, Usman Ayub Sheikh and Muhammad Rizwan.

Design and Manufacturing of a Low-Cost 2-DOF Autonomous Sentry Gun

Nazib Sobhan, Ir Erik L.J Bohez and Dr. Manukid Parnichkun.

Automatic Generation Control and Monitoring the Mechanism of Micro Hydro Power Plant with Impulse Turbine and Synchronous Generator

Urooj Fatima, Amir Naveed and Mohsin Tiwana.

Towards Development of Vacuum Forming System for Lower Limb Prosthetics